What is DAN??

DAN has always been about the partnership between their organisation and the scuba divers who support it. DAN Members enjoy great benefits, including a 24 hour emergency Hotline, Travel Assistance, Alert Diver magazine and access to industry-leading dive cover products.  But the best benefit is being a part of and supporting the largest association of scuba divers dedicated to diving safety.

DAN is supported by membership dues and dive accident cover. Through its non-profit efforts DAN first recognized the need for scuba divers to have cover to help cover the cost of treatment for scuba diving injuries. DAN fulfilled that need by developing diving’s first dive accident cover program, still the industry leader 20 years later.

Staying fit and going for regular medical check-ups promotes safe diving. The DAN Blog provides you with all the necessary and up-to-date dive safety and medical tips.

You can join DAN as a recreational dive individual, family, free-diver or spear fishermen. DAN membership includes payment for the cost of hospitalization, medical and hyperbaric treatment, and certain other costs associated with diving-related accidents. Only Plus and Master members receive the Alert Diver subscription.

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Your adventure! Your safety!