What an amazing trip the Pirates weekend was. Words cannot even begin to explain it but we will try.....

The team at Coral divers put on an excellent weekend of diving, fun, games and partying. From detail in decor, to detail of customer service. All their Dm's went out their way to make sure our divers got their points for photography on the scavenge hunts, helped our training DM's on navigating the reefs, and of course making sure our Splash family felt at home. They all young lads with bright futures ahead of them.

As for our New Scuba divers.... can we get a double OMG!! They all did extremely well on their first sea dive and it all came naturally once the nerves disappeared and they new what to expect. They are all naturally born merman's and mermaids. WE ARE SO PROUD OF EACH AND EVERYONE OF THE THEM.

Our advanced divers sadly couldn't do their navigation skills due to non-favorable conditions but had amazing dives and got spoiled rotten with dolphins and manta ray on one dive....jealous!

And our casual dives had nothing but a good time!

Below are some comments from our Splash family and pics of the teams and best dressed.


"Thanks for an amazing experience everyone! It couldn't have been any better - I had so much fun. Sad it's over but there is always next time." ~ Rachel Lane

"Thanks Splash for a super weekend." ~ Joy

"Thank you Splash for the awesome weekend, ready for the next one. And to my DM taking lead on great dives." ~ Nelio Ascencao

"Thank you everyone. You all rock. Was a stunning weekend." ~ Denyse Saville

A huge THANK YOU to each and everyone of you who made this trip possible. Was AMAZING! And to all our instructors and DM's for all their hard work.

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